It’s so fluffy! This young otter pup is still hanging out with its mom in our Great Tide Pool! 



Subspecies of Alces Alces 

1) The European or Eurasian Elk is usually smaller than its north american cousins, often with shorter, less saturated fur, antlers with more distinct tines, and less bulky bodies. [X]

2&3) The Shiras Moose is found in the southern United States and is the smallest moose subspecies native to North America. Its fur is slightly darker and thicker, and younger individuals such as the cow in the second picture often have a ridge of fur along their neck and shoulders. [X X]

4&5) The Alaska Moose is the largest subspecies of Alces Alces, as well as one of the largest cervids that has ever lived. In winter months their fur is lighter on their shoulders and back, and darker at the base of their legs and stomach. Compared to other subspecies the white coloring on their legs is very faint, with some individuals having no white at all. [X X]

6) The Eastern Moose, native to Canada’s eastern provinces, is very similar to the Alaska Moose, with the main differences being smaller size and more saturated coloring. The closely related Western Moose is endemic to the western side of the country. [X]

Moose. “Main difference being smaller size”. Like moose could ever be small! :)

(via science-junkie)

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